Friday, August 31, 2012

A Papa Fan Post

In my younger days, I did not see my Dad very often. His work hours were typically 4 PM – 12 AM, meaning he was gone before I got home from school and I was usually asleep by the time he got home from work. On the days he was on call at the hospital, I would spend the night snuggled with my Mom in their bed. We spent weekends and vacations together, but I had never thought of myself as a “Daddy’s little girl” type. I was always close with my Mom, but felt somewhat distant from my Dad.
As I’ve grown, I’ve come to realize a lot of things.

There are few dads that will:
  • Buy fruit on every vacation to have at the hotel to ensure you’re getting your daily dose of fruit
  • Remind you when your water filter in your fridge needs to be changed
  • Spot you in Las Vegas, NV in the shortest dress you’ve ever worn when he thought you were in Irvine, CA, go back to the hotel room and just say to your Mom casually “Guess who I just saw.”
  • Call you every fourth of July to let you hear the yearly firework  he is setting off in the backyard, and leave it on voice mail if you miss the call
  • Be over prepared for everything and anything you may need or need to know in any situation: when going to college, on vacation, in life.
I’ve mostly come to realize that although we never had the “Daddy’s little girl” type of relationship, in the Dad category of life, I couldn’t have been more lucky.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama Gough!

Today is Mama Gough’s birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t dig up any pictures of us from the wedding from what we have so far, so this picture is from when she came to visit us from Las Vegas over a year ago. Happy Birthday Mama Gough! We love you very much!

Meet Kirin

Kirin is our baby Maltese born on 09/01/10. (Her birthday is coming up!) She is one of the most sassy, sweetest, photogenic dogs you will ever meet! Although, of course, I may be biased. She often has Tina Turner hair and her hobbies include sleeping, barking when people open the gate and at her reflection, eating, and playing with this guy. She will be making appearances on this blog quite often, so better to get acquainted now!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh Canada


1. The “I’m in Canada?!?!” look
2. Heart shaped tofu during a hot pot dinner
3. Big Car – Small Space (No, I was not driving!)
4. Parents in Steveston
5. & 6. Playing around in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery
7. Children and Spouses w. their Ma (My Grandma)
8. Whole family w. Grandma
9. Kid magnet w. Olivia & Theo
10. An omakase beginning
11. Sun Yat-Sen Garden
12. Impulse buys -new hats!
13. Stanley Park Totem Poles w. Parents
14. Stanley Park w. Hubs <3

Pseudo honeymoon with the Parents, Brother and Soon to be Sister-in-Law to celebrate the 100th birthday (Yes, 100th!) of our dear Grandma Fan. Although, the purpose was accomplished, it really wasn’t enough time to explore Vancouver and spend time with all our family there. We are unsure of when, but we hope to be back soon!

testing 1...2...3

Testing out the new blog...the purpose of this will be to keep in touch with all of our family throughout our journey through life together. Hopefully, it turns out to be interesting and not lame and boring!

Stay tuned!