Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh Canada


1. The “I’m in Canada?!?!” look
2. Heart shaped tofu during a hot pot dinner
3. Big Car – Small Space (No, I was not driving!)
4. Parents in Steveston
5. & 6. Playing around in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery
7. Children and Spouses w. their Ma (My Grandma)
8. Whole family w. Grandma
9. Kid magnet w. Olivia & Theo
10. An omakase beginning
11. Sun Yat-Sen Garden
12. Impulse buys -new hats!
13. Stanley Park Totem Poles w. Parents
14. Stanley Park w. Hubs <3

Pseudo honeymoon with the Parents, Brother and Soon to be Sister-in-Law to celebrate the 100th birthday (Yes, 100th!) of our dear Grandma Fan. Although, the purpose was accomplished, it really wasn’t enough time to explore Vancouver and spend time with all our family there. We are unsure of when, but we hope to be back soon!

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