Sunday, February 3, 2013


Ever since we went to Seattle a couple years ago, Jason has been sold on the Northwest portion of the United States. Immediately after we came back, he asked if I wanted to move there. I think the fact that we went during the summer time, when there is less rain and lots of sun, was a selling season but not a good indicator of the actual weather majority of the time there.

The thought is back now with taxes around the corner, except now the thought is to move to Portland. Starting over in somewhere new in a wholesome place to raise future kids doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Except the wholesome thought is basically a dream of what Portland is, because we've never been there! Also, we would be leaving all our family and friends behind, not only in California, but also we'd be further away from Nevada where much of Jason's family is. Which are all many strong negatives among dream positives.

It's just a thought for now. We plan on visiting this summer to actually find out what Portland is about.

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Katy said...

I haven't been, but I have an image of what I imagine it to be and I think it would be great to live in Seattle or Portland area. so much fun!