Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daily Life

Haven't been much going on around here, just the usual daily life consisting of working, eating, sleeping, and walking the pup pictured above. We've been going on more daily walks to ensure the bub is getting enough exercise. How far we walk is completely dependent on her mood, but we're usually able to make it fairly far.

We're planning a trip to Asia in October, but before that we have a couple of weddings. Julia & Ben's the first weekend of May and my brother's the last weekend of May! After reading my brother and his fiancee's wedding site, I already know I'm going to cry at their wedding. I'm so happy (although, I feel "happy" doesn't begin to describe it)  that he has found someone who makes him happy and has been so supportive of him during his time away in medical school. Really excited for both weddings!

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