Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Weekend in Review

Consecutive weekends in Vegas! We headed to Vegas this past weekend on Friday for Jessica and Huy's wedding on Saturday. Jason likes to drive either really late or really early to go to and come from Vegas to beat traffic, so we typically only end up being there a little more than 24 hours every trip.

On Saturday afternoon, we had lunch with Jason's Grandma at a Japanese restaurant near her house, then headed to Luv-It for some frozen custard! We got champagne cherry and the blueberry as an afterthought and the blueberry turned out to be super delicious. After heading back to Jason's parents' house to get ready, we headed to the M to check in. Neither of us had been to the M before and it had always been a mystery to me, like what is that casino that's all the way out in the middle of nowhere? Turned out to be pretty nice! In the bathroom, they had wine glass shaped glasses for the bathroom glasses. That's fancy.

The wedding was beautiful. I had a really hard time not crying during the ceremony, everybody was so full of emotion. We headed to the reception after and had an awesome time drinking, eating, and dancing. It's pretty neat to hear stories about Jason from when he was younger. Of course, everybody had nothing but great things to say about him. He's the same stud today that he was back in the day in Las Vegas. ;] Congratulations Huy & Jessica!

The last picture is Kirin with her new friend. A friend posted a picture of one of these giraffes on Instagram and so I was on the hunt for him when we went to Costco. Jason was basically inside the giant box trying to search for one of the giraffes at the front, but there only seemed to be monkeys, elephants, and tigers. I was disappointed but then we got to the back, found more and he was ours!

Hope everybody had a good weekend and has an even greater week.

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