Monday, August 19, 2013


Last week one of Jason's good friends from Japan stayed with us for a couple days. We were only able to take one day off so our guest took advantage of golfing in the California weather and our days together essentially consisted of eating...eating...and more eating! Since getting a pup that is not house broken the day before a guest is coming to stay with you is not a good idea, Sofi ended up wearing a diaper for the days when he was here to ensure he didn't come home to any surprises.

Here was our schedule for the week:

Sunday - We went to a couple breweries- Anaheim Brewery & Bootleggers
Sunday Dinner: Mortons

Monday - Jason and Daijiro went to Temecula during the day for wine tasting while I stayed home with our newly acquired pup to get her more acquainted with our other pup.
Monday Dinner - Les Amis

Tuesday Dinner - Baci Di Firenze

Wednesday Dinner - Sushi Murasaki

Ten pounds later when Thursday rolled around we were sad to see our guest leave but happy for the time we were able to spend together. We are excited to see him in October during our trip to Asia!

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