Monday, August 26, 2013

One Year!

We kicked off our anniversary celebration the day before at The Ranch near our house. It's a restaurant that's kind of in the middle of nowhere but has the most amazing food!
 On our actual anniversary we had a picnic with our pups, the same way Jason proposed! We live by a "lake" (It's man made) so we headed out there with the pups, some champagne and some picnic food.

And of course, we had to eat our year old cake. By eat, I mean take a bite. It actually wasn't too bad considering it was a year old and had been transferred between our freezer and my parents' freezer when ours was on the fritz!

Here's to one and to our forever! People always say the first year is the hardest...but I really didn't think it was that hard! (Jason's opinion might differ though :] ) Can't wait for what our second year has in store for us!

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