Friday, September 7, 2012

Bits & Pieces

1. nap time buds
2. his & hers salads
3. waiting for papa to come home
4. fresh limes
5. office desk love*
6. coming home from a walk
7. sidewalk beauty
8. kir's reflection spot

*one of our engagement photos, our fantastic photographer:


Rachael said...

Ahhhh, that photo of the two of you holding hands is lovely.Rx

Anonymous said...

just popped in from Bluebird blog.
Naptime is too cute! every one likes a cuddle. and what a cute pooch you have!
Have a wonderful weekend!

dear olive said...

Oh yum, I'll take the salad on the right, please! (Not sure if that's "his" or "hers", I'm not fussy.) Kellie xx

Katy said...

so sweet! my husband and i are getting a maltese in the spring! (we're waiting out the winter as to not puppy train in the snow) but i'm not sure i can wait until spring!