Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Kir Update

Kiri hung out with her Grandma all day today. Her Grandma was nice enough to hang out at our 
house when our new garage door opener was being installed (yay!) and also nice enough to help us clean up around the house a bit! Both Kiri and her parents are extremely thankful!


Katy said...

Matt and I are thinking about getting a maltese! Any suggestions or advice?! any downfalls... hehe!

e-mail me if you'd like.

stacelizgough said...

Maltese are super cute! Can be a little on the yappy side, but I think they can be trained. :) Super loving, but dependent enough. I would highly recommend the breed! The only downfall I can think of is I think they often have food allergies, we have to get grain free food for our pup, but nowadays that is easy to find at any pet store! The upside is they're hypoallergenic. :) Does it snow where you live???