Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Gathering

Friends came over for a gathering on Sunday, and brought delicious food and drinks with them! Despite the close to 100 degree weather we've been having lately (I know, Southern California spoiled), the weather was beautiful enough to sit and talk outside for a bit. We talked, played taboo (girls won, of course :]), played every game on wii resort (swordplay is definitely a work out!), drank, and enjoyed the company of good people. Our little pup was also more than happy with having people over with all the attention she was getting from everybody.

In case you're wondering about the fancy pants plated desserts pictured above, they were delicious homemade churros served with vanilla bean ice cream in chocolate milk brought by Starla and Eric. Thanks to everyone for bringing food and drinks! Special thanks to Christine for waking up early to buy the molcajete to make the marinade and then for marinating and bringing the skirt steak!

We missed Tim Y. in our Instax collection this time, but we'll get him next time!

If you come over to our place, you can bet your boots that my husband will talk you into going to karaoke. There happens to be a karaoke place just a couple miles away from our house, and even if you don't like karaoke, you can also bet on having a good time! (Sorry, for the photo quality. Karaoke lighting just isn't optimal for pictures.)

Hope everybody had a lovely holiday weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see my wife made it out. No one has to talk him into karaoke!