Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Living Room Makeover Project: Lighting

Southern California isn't exactly known for having the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to real estate. Our living room has been a dinner time discussion topic many times over the past two years. It's somewhat on the smaller side and the layout has made it tricky to create a space that we really love. 

One place to start with is the lighting, because of the small space, (I think) an arc or hanging light may be ideal to not take up much of the living space but still be able to provide ample light for the room.
ONE. Kenroy Home Arc-Style Metal Floor Lamp 
TWO. CB2 Polygon Floor Lamp
THREE. Naughty and Woody Lamps by the Gerscovich Brothers
FOUR. CB2 Double Dip Floor Lamp

These are all just style ideas for now, lighting can be expensive (As seen if you click THREE. above!), so we'll definitely consider our options before making any changes.

Anybody have advice on lighting small living spaces?


Jenna said...

Light is defiantly tough but can make or break a space. Love option four!

sweet Mom! said...

I love option four too!!

Can't remember...are there two lamps there now?

stacelizgough said...

That one is my favorite also! Thanks for stopping by!

stacelizgough said...

Yup, there are two! Each kind of half lights the room!

starla said...

Recessed lighting. :)